Take 2

Take 2

The common question would be

What happened?

I was about a couple of months to accomplish 9 years of continuous publications and a history of published content, when something outside of my control hit hard and merciless my server and local backup array, for personal use.

This is not a foreign feeling (see: Perdida de Información ), nevertheless it was a little painful to loose a big history of content like the one I already had, this blog started (it’s version now extinguished) on December of 2008 exactly 9 years ago along to a journey of technological learning and the loss of the server meant the end of that iteration of  this project.

And thus, this is the perfect moment to relaunch the second iteration of this project. According to my workload and whatever it takes to start from scratch and get going on speed, I’ll be back writing, recording and publishing more content, on this take two.

Thanks 2017, welcome 2018.

Lights – Camera – Action!