We are back here with an experiment in changing the content format.

The idea is to be able to present in a more dynamic way the ramblings that I go through in publications and in this way I hope to be able to make it easier to present a topic and thus prevent those ideas from being left in the pipeline.

File: OGG

This will have a negative effect, while in text it is relatively easy to carry out a translation process having the majority of the entries in both languages, the truth is that I do not think I have the time to do the same content in 2 languages.

Which is unfortunate, however, as I have mentioned on several occasions, my greatest interest is in the Latin American community having greater access to this type of talks, content and even discussions.

This is an experiment, so in advance I’m sorry for the lack of use of high quality standards of professional podcasts.

By the way, today is March 16, and we are still partying,

Happy Birthday to GNU Chief: Richard Stallman

RMS – Libre Planet 2019

I want to use the opportunity of this entry to comment that, hand in hand with this change in format, I have begun to open a small space on Fridays, generally starting at 8:30 pm to have talks with free software users, collaborators, and enthusiasts.

Now I can say: We’ll talk soon!