High Magic and a Western vision of Enlightenment

High Magic and a Western vision of Enlightenment

Being Mexican, and having a deep sense of Latin American roots, most of my talks and discussions I try to be in Spanish, trying to provide more content in my native language, as well as for the entire Spanish-speaking population that could benefit from find any of those texts through somewhere on the net.

However, without any feeling of judgment, I have noticed that some of the richest conversations in form y depth that I have had the opportunity to assimilate happen in languages ​​other than Spanish.

So despite the fact that I will always try to prioritize expressing in Spanish, I invite you to overcome the borders of the world and of the mind, thanks to the Internet and the free flow of information without borders, through mastering other languages, in this case specific, English.

There is so much that can be improved in the life of societies when we can increase awareness and understanding focused on increasing the level of discussion, through communication.

That said, I invite you to listen to Damien Echols and a conversation regarding a western vision of enlightenment, through High Magic.

An excellent conversation. that can be downloaded through the Duncan Trussell podcast


I hope it is as interesting as it was for me, peace!

0ad a24, a guilty challenge

0ad a24, a guilty challenge

Wow !, 2 years without writing anything here.

Well, time goes by, and the most surprising thing is that the topic of this post is about software and video games.

0ad, for those who do not know it, is a real-time strategy game, a genre of games that achieved its greatest popularity and consolidation in the 2000’s, with simple, but very appealing 3D graphics.

The most popular games of this genre were Age of Empires from Microsoft and Starcraft from Blizzard, these two titles owned thousands of hours and hours of entertainment.

0ad, is a very symbolic case since it is one of the best games based on free and open software and its artistic content under a Creative Commons license, and developed by a small group of developers under a community model, I would like to think, being a living example of a final product with high quality, although mostly without the attention it deserves.

All this would not have much importance, if it is not that the pandemic made us resort to old ways of entertainment, which thanks to its multiplayer model, allowed several contemporary friends to have a good time. Precisely, the Alpha 24 version was published not long ago, after just over 2 years of its predecessor a23 in December 2018.

Unfortunately this version 024 only had packages for Microsoft Windows, which is understandable when you take demographics into account and Microsoft Windows is still the most used operating system worldwide.

And although understandable, it is unfortunate that GNU / Linux users are out of the release of this new version.
Thanks to recent collaboration in the Trisquel project, I began to become familiar with the compilation of binaries and since I already had the infrastructure to compiling binaries, i decided to try compiling from source code.

Pleasantly this was much easier than it seems thanks to the community, so I hope it will be useful for others looking for how to use compile,

Trisquel 9.0 / Ubuntu 18.04

We will rely on the repository PPA of 0ad , to obtain the dependencies for the construction of the binaries,

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys E4FA953A
echo "#0ad PPA repository
deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/wfg/0ad/ubuntu bionic main
deb-src http://ppa.launchpad.net/wfg/0ad/ubuntu bionic main" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list
sudo apt-get update

We install dependencies,

sudo apt-get -y build-dep 0ad
sudo apt-get -y install rustc cmake libfmt-dev

We download the code

git clone --depth 1 --branch A24 https://github.com/0ad/0ad

We start the compilation using all available threads,
Warning: This could leave the machine invested for this task only for several hours, so it is recommended to schedule the compilation in such a way that do not interrupt your activities.

cd 0ad/build/workspaces
./update-workspaces.sh -j"$(nproc --all)"
cd gcc
make -j"$(nproc --all)"

If everything goes well, we continue with the test

cd ../../..

If you get output like this,

Running cxxtest tests (351 tests)...............................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................................OK!

Then, hurray!
Play time!


In any case, temporarily and until there are official binaries in the 0ad PPA repository, I leave these binaries available, and even though I hope they will be useful and entertaining, no guarantee is offered.

Binaries 0ad A24 – Trisquel 9 | Ubuntu 18.04,

More information on building packages can be found on the official Wildfire Games wiki.
https: //trac.wildfiregames. com / wiki / BuildInstructions

About RMS resignation

About RMS resignation

To the MIT community,

I am resigning effective immediately from my position in CSAIL at MIT. I am doing this due to pressure on MIT and me over a series of misunderstandings and mischaracterizations.

Richard Stallman 

I am very sorry that in these dates as full of festivities for an ordinary Mexican as I do, I learn of the resignation of RMS to his positions in the MIT and the FSF for a discussion that was leaked in what seemed to be the methodology of the “politically correct” public pressure does not seem to be very far from the Salem Trials in 1693.

In my final analysis, RMS only did what a geek | academic | asp does, theorizes, analyzes, discusses indifferent taboos or paradigms.

For me I have followed his career for more than 15 years. I could say that RMS is …

Charming ?, no.
Charismatic ?, sometimes
Easy to deal with ?, not at all.
Impertinent ?, frequently

However, in my perspective it has always been direct, honest and authentic to the satisfaction of some and anger of others, agile in thought and sharp in their position.

They have no idea how much I regret being judged by their opinions and not by their facts.
But well, someone of agile thinking can only judge him by misrepresenting and pre-judging his opinions.

Based on the speed of the facts and expressions of different actors in the medium, it is my opinion , that a pretext was already sought to force his resignation, which could expose an abysmal lack of communication between organizations and RMS.

As a Free Software activist that I consider myself, all my respect to Richard Matthew Stallman for his ideals and teachings to the man behind GNU, the FSF and the free software movement.

I wish the FSF the best of luck as an organization, with the coming times we will need it.

I’ll stay with ETCG analysis,

Aware truth

– If we kill all the thieves , would
only remain the good guys dad?

– No son, we’ll only remain
the murderers….

The path is not violence
is education.

Consciousness is itself, it is the cure for a lot of prejudices.

Let’s give it a try …

Credit : Someone on Facebook apparently.



What is life but this beautiful and ephemeral illusion, where we can experience the “I” as a being independent of  the “absolute”.

Before returning to it.

Take 2

Take 2

The common question would be

What happened?

I was about a couple of months to accomplish 9 years of continuous publications and a history of published content, when something outside of my control hit hard and merciless my server and local backup array, for personal use.

This is not a foreign feeling (see: Perdida de Información ), nevertheless it was a little painful to loose a big history of content like the one I already had, this blog started (it’s version now extinguished) on December of 2008 exactly 9 years ago along to a journey of technological learning and the loss of the server meant the end of that iteration of  this project.

And thus, this is the perfect moment to relaunch the second iteration of this project. According to my workload and whatever it takes to start from scratch and get going on speed, I’ll be back writing, recording and publishing more content, on this take two.

Thanks 2017, welcome 2018.

Lights – Camera – Action!