High Magic and a Western vision of Enlightenment

High Magic and a Western vision of Enlightenment

Being Mexican, and having a deep sense of Latin American roots, most of my talks and discussions I try to be in Spanish, trying to provide more content in my native language, as well as for the entire Spanish-speaking population that could benefit from find any of those texts through somewhere on the net.

However, without any feeling of judgment, I have noticed that some of the richest conversations in form y depth that I have had the opportunity to assimilate happen in languages ​​other than Spanish.

So despite the fact that I will always try to prioritize expressing in Spanish, I invite you to overcome the borders of the world and of the mind, thanks to the Internet and the free flow of information without borders, through mastering other languages, in this case specific, English.

There is so much that can be improved in the life of societies when we can increase awareness and understanding focused on increasing the level of discussion, through communication.

That said, I invite you to listen to Damien Echols and a conversation regarding a western vision of enlightenment, through High Magic.


An excellent conversation. that can be downloaded through the Duncan Trussell podcast


I hope it is as interesting as it was for me, peace!



What is life but this beautiful and ephemeral illusion, where we can experience the “I” as a being independent of  the “absolute”.

Before returning to it.